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Athens, November 4-5, 2013


More than 130 players from 5 countries in

EU PROMETHEUS 2014 TTX in Athens

More than 130 players and observers from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia and Lithuania participated in the two-day Table Top Exercise of the European project EU PROMETHEUS 2014, organised by the Greek General Secretariat for Civil Protection, as the project’s coordinating beneficiary, at the headquarters of the CP Operations Center in Chalandri-Athens on November 4-5, 2013.

Also present at the event were observers from the diplomatic delegations of Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, Lithuania, France, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania as well as Israel, following a bilateral cooperation agreement with the Greek government on Civil Protection issues.

Among the players were High Level representatives of the Hellenic Civil Protection National Authorities including the Secretary General for CP and the Chief of the Hellenic Fire Corps, the National Commanders of the National Operational Level and High Level Political Representatives of the Regions and the Municipalities. In addition participated players from Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, Lithuania, officers of the Hellenic Fire Corps, the Hellenic Police, the Hellenic Armed Forces and Air Force, the National Emergency Aid Centre, the Hellenic Atomic Energy Committee, the Hellenic Red Cross, Municipal Authorities and their Civil Protection Departments.

EU PROMETHEUS 2014 TTX was based on a twin disaster scenario involving a Mega forest fire near an inhabited and industrial area where a technological accident involving building collapses took place, generating the need for reinforcements in forest fire fighting and search and rescue operations. The European CP Mechanism was activated and Joint EU modules were deployed on the disaster site.

A number of strategic initiatives have been taken by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (GSCP) in the framework of the EU PROMETHEUS 2014 Exercise Project. First of all, the project consortium reflects the disaster response strategy of the GSCP in terms of the activation of the Community Mechanism for Civil Protection.

To begin, (3) EU Presidencies in line (Lithuania, Greece, Italy) is included in the project consortium. Three of the project partners are within a 3-hour flight time radius out of Athens. Croatia, the 28th European Union Member-State, is also part of the project consortium. Overall, the project consortium includes 5 EU Member-State National Civil Protection Authorities. Finally, the participation of the Hellenic Red Cross reflects the representation of the International Humanitarian Society, while the participation of the Polytechnic of Crete and its Natural Disasters Laboratory, a Lab with an international reputation which reflects the participation of the academic community.

It is also worth noting that EU Prometheus 2014, innovatively introduces for the first time the trial of joint EU CP modules at exercise level. This is also a priority of the Hellenic Presidency marking its contribution to the evolution and advancement of the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

Another interesting fact about the project is that it bridges between two EU Civil Protection Legislations. In fact, EU PROMETHEUS 2014 TTX was the last exercise to be conducted based on the existing EU Civil Protection Legislation. EU PROMETHEUS 2014 FSE will be the first exercise to be conducted under the new EU Civil Protection Legislation, which will enter into force on January 1, 2014.

Another of the project’s most innovative aspects is the trial of new communication technologies and media for information release at both the operational and national level. About 20 different communication means – from SMS, email or social media messages to Media reports produced in real time – were used during the exercise, making EU PROMETHEUS 2014 TTX the first INTERACTIVE Table Top Exercise in the history of the Community Mechanism for Civil Protection.

Also for the first time in the Mechanism Exercises history, professional journalists from Greek newspapers, web sites, TV stations and news agencies participated as real players at the TTX. They released reports, sent “twits”, interviewed players at all levels (national, tactical and operational) and produced three special newspaper editions (of the PROMETHEUS 2014 journal) reporting the progress of events and operations on the field as well as their comments on the authorities’ response and effectiveness. They also produced a fourth edition of PROMETHEUS 2014 journal reporting their overall assessment of the exercise.

EU PROMETHEUS 2014 TTX prepares the participating states for the full scale exercise that will take place in Athens, during the Hellenic Presidency semester.

All Greek EU Civil Protection Modules will participate in this exercise. Thus, 15 Modules will participate in total in EU PROMETHEUS 2014 FSE, this being the greatest number of Modules to ever be deployed in the history of the Community Mechanism for Civil Protection Exercise Program. The full scale exercise will coincide with the 32nd Summit of the General Directorate therefore, on the 1st of June 2014, the entire European Civil Protection leadership will meet in the field of an exercise – for the very first time in the history of the Community CP Mechanism.

EU PROMETHEUS 2014 partners will return to Athens on May 31 to June 4, 2014, for the most complex field exercise in the history of the European Civil Protection Mechanism.




1) Jan ALHADEFF: http://youtu.be/C0L2u_AKNhI

2) Arya HONARMAD:http://youtu.be/VxYWsidUqvA