The EU PROMETHEUS 2014 Kick-Off Meeting was held in the premises of DG ECHO inĀ  Brussels on April 9, 2013. Its objective was to introduce all project partners and participating agencies; present and validate the project plan; and fulfil all administrative procedures. In addition, it was the first face-to-face meeting of the Core Group and the Exercise Planning Team.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection presented a short introductory video presentation of the key features of the project.

The Core Group President presented the project structure and initiatives, and outlined the detailed work plan for the project until the end of 2013. The Core Group President reported that the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, acting both as the Coordinating Beneficiary and as the Greek National Civil Protection Authority, has established a High Level Advisory Group to the Exercise Planning Team (named after the group's initials in Greek: "ASOS"). The Core Group Members discussed key strategic issues related to the exercise and in particular to the deployment of Joint Modules and were able to outline strategic project management and exercise design priorities.

The Lead Press Officer presented the EU PROMETHEUS 2014 communications strategy. Then, the delegate of each project partner that was represented in the meeting made a short presentation of their agency or organization. Finally, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection presented the first project deliverables:

- The EU PROMETHEUS 2014 Project Management Handbook (deliverable of Task A as "EU PROMETHEUS 2014 Exercise Program Manual")

- The Partnership Agreement ( signed copy was given to each delegate that was present

- A draft structure of the TTX, to be included in the TTX ExPlan (deliverable of Task C)

The delegates of project partners expressed their appreciation for the high level of preparation that has been done by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.