3rd Core Group

Preparing for a full scale exercise:

The EU PROMETHEUS 2014 partners on a "full deployment"

The Hellenic General Secretariat for Civil Protection along with the Technical University of Crete/Environmental Engineering Department, the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri/Dipartimento della Protezione Civile, the Cyprus Civil Defence, the Hellenic Red Cross/Samaritan, Rescuer & Lifeguard Section and the Croatian National Protection and Rescue Directorate successfully completed the 3rd Core Group Meeting of the EU PROMETHEUS 2014 project, setting in motion the wheels for what can only be considered as one of the most significant full scale exercises (FSE), not only on a European Level, but also on a world wide scale as well.

During this 3rd Core Meeting,26/2/2014, the EU PROMETHEUS 2014 partners set the foundations for creating a platform so as to assure that all the necessary processes for a well coordinated synergy with regard to the logistics and the operational aspect of the FSE are in place. Furthermore, various aspects of the scenario were tackled with along with the communicative innovations introduced both on and off the operational site.

Yet another interesting coupling between the lead and the other five partners of the project with the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) was formed, so as to introduce an ad hoc structure during the FSE that will add an even further complexity in the already perplex scenario.

The EU PROMETHEUS 2014 project will ultimately challenge the ability of the bulk of the participants and provide a unique opportunity for the observers to evaluate competence, endurance and coordination of multinational operational modules.

Dr. Costas Synolakis from the Technical University of Crete, and one of the most prominent figures of the scientific fora in the field of natural disasters, underlined the significance of a field exercise of such a scale towards the successful operational future of civil protection organizations:

"This FSE provides us with a unique opportunity to study how civil protection organizations respond to large scale disasters. A field exercise such as EU PROMETHEUS 2014 contributes significantly to understanding the ideal – or at least a good approximation to the ideal – number of responders with regard to the type and the circumstances of the occurring disaster. Thus – however expensive – such an understanding may lead to well coordinated and more effective emergency responses in the future". 


The EU PROMETHEUS 2014: Records and numbers

The EU PROMETHEUS 2014 FSE will be the first exercise within the framework of the new EU Civil Protection Mechanism legislation and the first one at a national level, following the new legislation of the "reorganization" of the National CP Mechanism.

Fifteen EU Modules from five member – states, more than 500 participants on the scene of operations, six National Operational Centers as players in real time, the ERCC as a real player for the very first time, the use of social media as a tool to command and control the exercise and, at the same time, as a public information system. Since EU PROMETHEUS TTX was the first interactive exercise in the history of the mechanism, the FSE will be the first one where technology will participate as a "player" in an exercise.