Exercise Planning Team

The Exercise Planning Team will be established with membership from the coordinating beneficiary and all associated beneficiaries. Each associated beneficiary will appoint one representative and one substitute to the Exercise Planning Team. The core group of the exercise planning team will consist of GSCP staff which are certified as Master Exercise Practitioners by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA/MEP).  In addition, because of the complicated nature of the exercise scenario and the Joint Modules initiative, the exercise planning team will be led by the Greek National Representative to the European Union for Civil Protection.

Furthermore, the Exercise Planning Team will be assisted by a scenario development advisory group including personnel from key government agencies heavily involved in wildfire and industrial accident emergency response in Greece.

This Advanced Advisory Group (entitled ASOS) established by the Secretary General under his No 10/14 January 2013 Decision.  The Deputy Chief of the Hellenic Fire Corps (Lt General) nominated as the Head of ASOS.

The exercise planning team will oversee, and will ultimately be responsible for, exercise scenario development, exercise design, exercise conduct, and exercise evaluation. Planning team members will also help with conducting exercise planning conferences, briefings, and training sessions.

The functions of the Exercise Planning Team include:

  • Identify and define a set of obtainable and measurable capabilities, tasks, and objectives.
  • Identify exercise variables (scenario outline, exercise venue, weather, date and time).
  • Develop the general context (storyline); the conditions that will allow players to demonstrate competency in meeting the exercise objectives; and the technical details necessary to accurately depict scenario conditions and events.
  • Identify subject matter experts in the field of wildfires, structural collapses, industrial accidents and Hazardous Materials releases to validate the scenario description, as required.
  • Prepare and conduct the Initial Planning Meeting.
  • Develop the Initial Planning Meeting Report.
  • Draft the EU PROMETHEUS 2014 TTX SitMan and ExPlan.
  • Draft the EU PROMETHEUS 2014 TTX EEGs
  • Provide overall supervision and coordination for all TTX preparation activities.
  • Coordinate TTX logistics
  • Conduct and evaluate the TTX
  • Draft the EU PORMETHEUS 2014 TTX AAR
  • Draft the EU PROMETHEUS 2014 FSE MSEL and ExPlan.
  • Draft the EU PROMETHEUS 2014 EEGs
  • Identify and train FSE evaluators
  • Coordinate FSE logistics
  • Conduct the FSE
  • Draft the EU PROMETHEUS 2014 FSE AAR