The Italian Department of Civil Protection  (IDCP)

The Italian Department of Civil Protection (IDCP)

The Department of Civil Protection under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is the Prime Minister’s operational arm, when it comes to coping with the protection of the country's people and goods, undergoing particular threats and dangers deriving from conditions of natural, environmental or man-made  risk.

The Department, organised in general offices composed by units, is the pivot of the Civil Protection National Service. Its tasks include: promoting and co-ordinating the whole system; intervening directly in case of national disasters; defining intervention and action procedures common to the whole system; giving guidelines for legislation relative to risk prevention; supporting peripheral structures, particularly those with fewer resources; promoting and supporting the activities for the formation and growth of civil protection organisations; informing public opinion and promoting civil protection culture, particularly among young people; directing the setting up and management of information networks necessary for risk prevention; producing and managing exceptional regulations – the official orders - needed to enforce emergency interventions and deal with calamities, in order to reduce to the utmost the damage to people and things.


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