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The EU PROMETHEUS 2014 FSE takes place in Attica, back2back with the 32nd Directors General Meeting for Civil Protection of the European Union, of the European Economic Area and the Candidate Countries, at Zappeion:

  • 16 multinational modules
  •  600 participants on the field
  • 1.000 participants in total, in 5 member-states
  • 8 aerial means
  • 80 fire-fighting vehicles
  • 10 National and European Operational Centers, in real-time
  • For the 1st time, participating in real-time
  • Citizens of the local communities
  • Journalists
  • Foreign correspondents
  • Elected members of local authorities on a strategic, operational and tactical level…

… according to the National Plans on a National and a European level.

The EU PROMETHEUS 2014 FSE is the first interactive exercise in the history of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

With 30 different communication tools, the Exercise Command (EX COM) will test simultaneously and interactively all the available traditional and contemporary scenario-building communication techniques both with the players and the citizens, emphasizing on the importance of public information, especially when vulnerable social groups are involved.

A white hacker will watch over every communication throughout the FSE, ensuring the security of the systems.

Even if you are not a player, you can have a full experience of the FSE by following our TV and radio programs via the official EU PROMETHEUS 2014 site:

The EU PROMETHEUS 2014 is the project of records and initiatives. 

The project was first conceived and designed based on the former EU and national legislation. The Table-Top Exercise (TTX) took place before the introduction of the new EU legislation. Since then, not only the European Union but the National legislation have changed. Hence, the FSE scenario is now being revised and injected with updated information.